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Teen struggles with school and work

Hey, I’m Natalia, and welcome to my new blog.

Have you ever had to go to work straight after school, and once you got home, you had homework? I know I have, and let me say, it sucks! Having to do both work and school can be extremely stressful and physically and mentally draining, especially for the people who care about their grades or have parents who do.

For example, I had to work the other day from 3 pm to 9 pm, and right before I went to work, I had to take a test. I got 55%! Needless to say, I didn’t pass it, and I had to retake it. But the main problem was that the entire time I was at work, the only thing I could think about was how I failed that quiz, and honestly, I just felt so stupid. My thoughts were; How could I have failed so badly? Did other people pass it? What am I doing wrong? It was stressing me out way too much.

On top of everything I had to deal with at work, I was mentally drained, It felt like I couldn’t even think anymore, or my head would explode! All I wanted to do was study so I could pass the quiz the next time I took it, but there was one thing I had to do first. Breathe! I went outside for a few minutes alone and just breathed and prayed. I tried to clear my head and give myself a minute to relax before stretching my brain again, and it honestly really helped. It helped to be away from people. It helped to take in fresh, peaceful air. It helped to pray for a minute and to ask for peace. It helped to clear my mind and not be so stressed out.

Just Breathe. It sounds so cliche, but maybe it’s talked about because it works so well. Try it yourselves and tell me how it goes. ☺️

I would love to hear how it works for you.


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